Check us out! After two years in operation, we felt it was high time we freshened things up! Over the last few months we’ve worked hard to re-brand the Bar Babes image from frilly and wild to sleek and sophisticated.

We realised that the reputation of most ‘Pub Crawls’ was one of unruly, drunken men leaving a trail of chaos in their wake, and that’s not what we’re about at all. So now we’re actively working against this stereotype and endeavour to provide you with a Premium Bar Hop Adventure! Unlike Pub Crawls of yesteryear, we offer a fun, sophisticated evening out, with tour guides that are hand picked to up the ante, whatever the occasion!

We present a new and improved Bar Babes, one that is suitable for corporate functions, christmas dos, and birthday parties, as well as still being one of the best nights out for Stag parties.

What do you think?

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