We had our first Hamilton pub crawl this weekend and it was a massive success. We met the group of stags at CBD Corner Pub and gave them a quick run down on the route the crawl was going to take and also how our token system worked for purchasing drinks. The best man for the Stag Party Mike divided up the tokens between the group and they hit the bar and settled in for a big night.

Rosie and Em keep a close eye on the time, knowing that they needed to get the guys moving bar to bar every 40 minutes. We arranged for a round of deep fries, chips and bar snacks at every venue along throughout the day.

This is a great way for small or large stags parties to kick off their night. We have been blown away with the success and customer feedback since staring the crawl in Auckland and then Hamilton.

If you’re interested in trying our Hamilton pub crawl then please drop us a line

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