Our first official Bar Babes pub crawl was for the Glenfield Rovers Football Club to celebrate their fantastic season together.

We picked the lads up from the Rovers club rooms on the very awesome Tigress bus c/o Getapartybus and quickly got a round of shots into them before Sharon, our lovely host from Getapartybus, introduced the beautiful bar babes for the night; Chelsea and Charlotte. After adding the necessary alcohol required to warm the boys up we hit the road on our CBD pub crawl.

The first stop of the night saw us arrive at Mission Bay for a quick rest stop and bevvy at De Fontein. We really like Mission Bay as a stop on our Party Bus pub crawl because of the wide variety of bars and cafes, as well as the handy kitchen facilities offered in these lovely venues. Part of being a successful pub crawl tour guide is helping our punters reach the finish line in one piece and so food is available at every stop along our journey.

We loaded the bus back up and did a quick head count to make sure we weren’t missing anyone and we were off to our next venue Spitting Feathers in Wyndham Street to catch the beginning of the All Blacks VS Argentina game. Spitting Feathers is one of Auckland CBD’s hidden gems so check out their website or stop in for a drink and you’ll see why we love this venue so much.

Our next stop was a MUST for any respectable pub crawl; Pizza Hutt on Hobson St, where we had arranged to pick up a dozen pizzas for the guys. While they downed the pizzas (as only a team of 30 year old athletes could) we headed over the bridge to the Elephant Wrestler in Takapuna for another pint and to check the All Black’s score.

Our final stop of the night was a cheeky sing along and shots at 123 Karaoke in Albany where a couple of the boys sang the girls some of their favorite tunes (badly) before being bundled back on board the Tigress and dropped back safe and sound at the club rooms.

All in all a massive success for the bar babes first official pub crawl. A big thank you to Sharon and her crew from Getapartybus and of course to our fearless warriors from the Glenfield Rovers Football Club.